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Puppy Training / Dog Training

Puppy training can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. Most people would prefer their dogs to be obedient and react to the commands they are given. Unfortunately the majority do not know how to set about training their puppy.

Some people will elect to go to local puppy and dog training classes whilst others simply give up and simply accept that their dog will remain untrained.

Local Puppy Training Classes are certainly an option but progress can be slow as classes are usually only held once or twice a week at the most.

Online Puppy Training and Dog Training Courses

An alternative to attending local puppy training classes is enrol with one of the online puppy training courses available online.

There are a number to choose from. Some are excellent whilst others leave a little bit to be desired.

One of the most successful and highly acclaimed online puppy training courses is ‘Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer’. It is a comprehensive course that covers every aspect of dog and puppy training.

Doggy Dan is from New Zealand and has been a full time dog and puppy trainer for a number of years.

The Doggy Dan Training Course is endorsed by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They actually promote Doggy Dan’s Training Courses at the Dog Shelters they run. They know that new owners are far less likely to return their dogs to the shelter if they train them properly. The SPCA actually has a link to the Doggy Dan Dog Training Programme on the home page of their own website.

What is covered in the Doggy Dan Dog Training Course?

In short every aspect of dog and puppy training is covered.

If you are the new owner of a puppy the course is ideal for you. It covers all of the basic training techniques such as potty training, coming when called and walking to heel etc.

If you already own a dog that has behavioural problems the course gives step by step instructions about how to set about curing the problem.

puppy training with doggy dan

How is the Training Programme Structured?

The Doggy Dan Dog Training Course is video based. Just to give you some idea about the amount of information included it is worth mentioning that the course currently features in excess of 250 videos.

Some of the videos cover basic theory but the vast majority show live consultations and training sessions. Dan has an amazing talent for teaching and explaining, in depth, what exactly you need to do to get the results you are looking for.

Doggy Dan comes across as a really genuine guy with a real passion for the work he does.

The methods he uses are straightforward and easy to follow. There are no aggressive techniques used but the dogs respond quickly. The techniques Dan uses can be applied to dogs of any breed and any age.

Doggy Dan’s Puppy Training

The most recent addition to the training programme is ‘Project Moses’.

The project begins with Dan collecting an 8 week old puppy (Moses) and documents every stage of his training for a complete year. Nothing is left out, you see the puppy learning all of the commands.

If you have a new puppy that you want to train then this puppy training course of videos is invaluable.

puppy training - the moses project

Dog Behavioural Issues

Many dogs suffer from behavioural issues of some kind. They can be frustrating and difficult to remedy.

Doggy Dan believes that there is no dog that is too old, or set in its ways, that cannot be helped. It is simply a matter of understanding the underlying reason for the problem and then gaining the dogs trust to help him/her to overcome it.

Some of the Specific Issues that are covered in the videos:

  1. Aggression towards other dogs.
  2. Aggression towards people.
  3. Aggression towards other animal species.
  4. Barking whilst walking.
  5. Barking to get attention.
  6. Barking whilst in the car.
  7. Barking when left alone.
  8. Barking at the Door.
  9. Hyperactivity
  10. Anxiety when separated from owner.
  11. Running away when let off lead.
  12. Jumping up.
  13. Jumping onto furniture.
  14. Pulling on the leash whilst walking
  15. Refusing to come when called.
  16. Phobias and fears
  17. Obsessions.

Everyone who joins the programme is given access to the site forum. This enables users to ask questions about specific issues or concerns that they may have.

Unlike most forums, that rely on other members to supply answers, Doggy Dan deals with all the queries raised himself.

Doggy Dan also has a huge number of testimonials from satisfied customers who have successfully trained their dogs using his methods.

Is Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Course worth Buying?

The course is not the cheapest, but it is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive online dog training courses available. There is absolutely nothing left out!

If you want to take a look at what you are going to get for your money then you can sign up for a 3 day trial of the programme for just $1.00.

There is also a full 60 day money back guarantee for added peace of mind for those who are undecided about purchasing the programme.


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