Dogs Seat Belt – Why You Should Use One!

A Dogs Seat Belt helps to Keep You and Your Pet Safe

A Dogs Seat Belt could save your dogs life, and your own, if you are involved in an accident. Dogs are as much at risk as human passengers in a car. However the majority of people still do not restrain their dogs at all whilst travelling.

dogs-seat-belt-unrestrained dog

Statistics suggest that in actual fact less than 25% of drivers secure their dog by using a dogs seat belt!

Unrestrained animals can be a major distraction to the driver which can result in an accident happening. In the event of a collision, or a situation requiring sudden breaking, the unrestrained animal can be projected forward with tremendous force resulting in injury to both the driver and the animal itself.

It is also possible that you are actually breaking the law by allowing your dog to remain unrestrained in your car.

The UK Highway Code, for example, states that Dogs (or other animals) should be suitably restrained whilst travelling in a motor vehicle. Failing to conform could in fact result in you losing your licence and also possibly invalidate your insurance.
If your insurance company feels that having an unrestrained animal in your vehicle contributed to the accident they are within their rights to refuse to pay out on any claim you might make.

Fortunately the solution is easy. You can buy a Dogs Seat Belt for only a few dollars. They are extremely easy to use. One end of the belt is attached to your dogs collar (like a leash) and the other end is plugged into the seat belt anchor point in your car.


If you want your pet to be ultra comfortable, and safe, whilst travelling use a harness instead of a normal collar. This will provide superior support for the dog in the event of an accident and also reduce the possibility of him/her sustaining neck injuries.

Although a dogs Seat Belt can be attached to any seat belt anchor point it is advisable to let your dog travel in the rear seats as opposed to the front passenger seat.

You should never ever allow your dog to travel in the front passenger seat footwell.

There are also a number of recorded incidents of dogs being thrown from the vehicle in an accident. This can result in them being hit by oncoming traffic. Alternatively the injured dog may be dazed and wander off only to get lost.

Benefits of A Dogs Seat Belt

  • Reduces the chances of your pet being injured in a crash.
  • Reduces the possibility of injuries to the driver and passengers as a result of the animal being projected forwards.
  • Ensures that you are meeting your legal obligation to restrain your pet in the vehicle.
  • Inexpensive way to secure your pet in your vehicle.
  • There are Dogs Seat Belts that are suitable for any size or breed of dog.

Most people who have dogs love their pets and want to keep them safe. You want him/her to have a long and happy life and there is no reason why you should put their lives at risk while they are in your vehicle. It only takes a few seconds to secure your dog in your vehicle with a dogs seat belt and it could be the difference between life and death for both of you.


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